Bring It Back To Street !!!
International 3on3 Breakdance Battle On Street!

Registration Fees: RM30 per crew

Katsu JAPAN ( All Area Crew/ MZK / 7$ / Fresh Sox )
ProfoWon USA ( Floorgangz Worldwide )
Special Judges

Prizes: USD 800


Date: 20th March 2010
Time: 2pm - 9pm
Venue: SJKC Chung Hwa 1 , Main Hall

Program :
Open Cyphers
First rounds battles off to pick top 16 crews to enter into the 2nd day main event Tournament.
Judges workshop

Actual Event Day
Date: 21th March 2010
Time: 5pm - 11pm
Venue: Main Street of Jalan Sayang..

Cyphers and Tournament style battles all day!

Judges Info :
Bboy ProfoWon of FLOORGANGZ (Worldwide)

Bboy ProfoWon has been in the BAY AREA HIP HOP dance scene for 18 years and still going strong. 12 of those years he has dedicated his life in the dance called bboying. Profowon formally of the ROCK FORCE CREW WORLD CHAMPIONS Battle of the Year 1998(Germany), Freestyle Session 1999(Los Angeles),Circle Sensations 2005(Denmark) and Out for Fame 2007. Now part of the FloorGangz Worldwide movement. He has judged, lectured and speaks on the history of bboyin' in places such as South Korea, Canada, Philippines and other places around the world

Profo has won many B-Boy competitions around the world:

Battle of The Year 98 (Germany)
Freestyle Session 99 (Los Angeles)
Octagon Champion USA 06 (Los Angeles)
Out For Fame 07 (San Francisco)
World of Dance Footwork Champ 09 (San Francisco)
Freestyle Session Japan Champ 09 (Tokyo)


BBoy Katsu ( All Area Crew , Mighty Zulu Kingz , 7$ , Fresh Sox )

BBoy Katsu ,who is one of the top dancers in the world. KATSU excels in Japan and has mastered all of the skills above. He pursues the true essence of BBoy and built his own NEW and ORIGINAL flavor after understanding the importance of the `Basics’.

As he succeeds all over the continent these days, we definitely cannot take our eyes off of 「Katsu」. His success and his skills are recognized around every continent, and he is the first Japanese performer to be admitted as a member of the 「ZULU KINGS」.

With his powerful communication skills, he currently succeeds as a soloist, as a team leader, and as a member of ZULU. Katsu brings every dancers around the world together as `one’, and NOBODY can not miss his performance nor can anyone miss his respected existence.

BBoy Katsu has been BOTY Judge since 2003.

Registration ends: 15th March, 2010.

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Dont be afraid to lose , and there is no answer to become a dope bboy...
by Profowon..