Do not confuse 'toprock' with 'uprock'. They are two different dances!!!
People confuse this all the time. Uprock has its own foundation.

Toprock is the essence of the dance. The time where you follow the
rhythm and at the same time prepare to do a move. It consists mainly of
steps done in a repeated pattern or freestyle. After such steps are
created they are then done to the music, following the beat or rhythm.
In toprock there is a certain 'groove'. All dances have a groove, or a
way of moving your body to the music. For b-boys/b-girls the groove is a
bouncy forward motion. One important aspect of toprck is your 'step'.
Meaning, the way you step with your foot. You should put your body
weight into your step and step with confidence and conviction. Most
steps made up into toprock came from imitating James Brown, tap dancers,
and other influencial characters of the time. Steps were also taken from
other dance styles like the hustle, salsa, and lindy hop. When these
steps are taken from other dances they are manipulated to look like
toprock, meaning you just add a bboy groove to it.
To completely understand toprock you must listen to the music! This is a
dance so what we do starts with the music. People always ask me,
'ynot, how can I make my toprock better?'
I tell them, 'just listen, the key to dancing is in the music.'