25 & 26 FEB 2012

‎"KULSign Festival 2012'

Dance Showcase and Breaking Competition
25th &26th Feb 2012,Central Market,Kuala Lumpur
Register 11am

Breakdance Competition 3on3
Dj’s; Big Boy-Wakaka

Judges Breaking;
Bboy Naz-Wakaka 
Bboy Joe-Wakaka
Bboy Hiro-Kamata Breakers Japan

Breaking Competition
-Free registration only on saturday 2pm at Central Market 25 Feb 2012
-Crew battle not more then 3 members in crew.
-Each battle 1 throwdown each in prelimary and 2 throwdown each members 
on top 8 crew.
-No touching and vulgar sign language 
-1st round taking point by judges on battle and 
Top 8 highest score will battle till finals. 
-1nd runner up-Rm1000
Dance Showcase Competition

Judges Dance Showcase;
DBKL Chereographer
Famous Crew

-Free registration on Sunday 2pm at Central Market 26th Feb 2012
-Dance Showcase not less then 4 people in crew.
-Each showcase not less then 4 minute and not more 5minute and music 
by own crew
-Costume, music quality, concept, technique, execution that the judges will
be looking for
-Costume too sexy is not acceptable 

-Champion-Rm 2000
-1nd runner up-Rm 1000
Special awards- Rm 500

brought to you by;

DBKL -Wakaka Entertainment-Funky Fresh-Universal Zulu Malaysia-District

anything u can call 0126248097 for any informationor checkout our website atwww.KULSIGN2011.com